TAS Community News

TAS Community News

Thank you to everyone who supported our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 30th September.
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On Monday 16th May The Alternative School was invited to attend a prestigious ceremony at Buckingham Palace to honour both the Diamond Celebration (60 Years of DofE) and to recognise the success of the school in becoming its own licensed DofE organisation.
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TAS celebrates 8 years with a new school sign and Independent School Association (ISA) status.
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It was a very early start for four TAS pupils. 5.10am was the time that Jamie had Kirsty and Clare knocking on her front door. Jamie was up and ready to go. So was Mark when we called for him at 5.20am. Everyone met at Skipton train station at 6.30am and worked out which platform we needed to be on for our journey to London.
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It was a very cold and windy day when a group pupils went to Harwes Farm, in Colne, to take part in a community project, funded by the Heritage Lottery.
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